Saturday, July 21, 2012


This is just annoying... I hate it when someone uses me or won't listen to my story and  I always have to listen to theirs as if they have the worst day than mine.
I wish I could just get out from that unwanted circle. Why would I want to be in it anyway if they don't understand how I feel.
The secrets they shared, the things they do and the things they talked about.I'm always the one to be an outcast. Didn't know what they talked about and always have to listen to them.
I hope that one day when I leave you, you'll notice the emptiness in the circle but by the time you realize it, It is already too late.

Saturday, April 7, 2012


I just got my car...It's a small but it's worth it :D

First time, driving my friends around and it's a great feeling that you are able to help them. It's also very convenient, now that you can be a little bit independent.

So then to say that, the real adventure has begun!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Kittens are so cute and adorable! You can't help it but to just cuddle it.
When they already become cats, you just want them to be their friends that always follow it's master. Play with them, brush them and etc.
It's nice to have a pet, when you come home and there's no one there who else but your cat will greet you home. When you feel depress or lonely, your cat can sometimes comfort you. And when you have nobody to talk to and need somebody to just listen, than you have your cat to talk to. Even though there will be no respond or just a 'meow' from them.

But even those thing they do which we find it too cute for us to resist. They can really pissed you off sometimes (if you know what I mean). You just had to punish them and cage them so that they would learn their lessons. The things they do can give you a headache too.

But then, they just had to give us this look.

The innocent look.
I mean come on! You can't be mad at them for at least a second.
That look is just too dangerous for us.

Funny thing about cats.

When cats are running around, we want them to just keep still but when they do, we get worried thinking that they are sick.

When the cat is fat, we complaint that it eats too much but when the cat is thin, we ask it to eat a lot.

When they sleep the whole day, we called them 'lazy-cat'.

When you cat doesn't come to you, you get so frustrated thinking 'why won't you come to me?'
When the cat always cuddle for too long, you get so annoyed.

Having a pet is really hard work and you need patience for it.
Anyway, here is my 2 annoying yet a adorable cats. :)

Tom Tom and Gorgeous.

Sibling's love :)


Having them in my house is really nice but at the same time is annoying.
It's like having siblings.